The 2018 Veterans Day Event Raised $7,100 for the Semper Fi Fund

November 10th, 2018 was a surreal night to remember as we built on the foundation laid at the 2017 Veterans Day Event.

The Freedom Whiskey team worked in tandem with Heather's Coffee and Cafe, Joy Dessert Co and all patriots in attendance to host and raise an unbelievable $7,100 for the Semper Fi Fund. The food provided by Heather's Coffee and Cafe was amazing (more mac n' cheese, anyone?!) and the desserts provided by Joy Dessert Co. were to die for. A cupcake with a vial of Freedom Whiskey sitting on top? Get outta town!

Freedom Whiskey was flowing like water as the 120-130 people in attendance managed to put down 16 bottles (DAMN!). Raffle prizes consisting of a Custom Freedom Whiskey RTIC Cooler, Freedom Bourbon, t-shirts, koozies, whiskey glasses, and many other things made their rounds. We also had the incredible pleasure of honoring Corporal Joshua Sams as the official Freedom Whiskey Veteran of the Year.

We are insanely proud to say that with your help we were able to raise $7,100 for the Semper Fi Fund. We cannot thank all of those that attended enough for participating in the raffles, buying merchandise, and sharing their love and stories with us. We'll never forget this night!

A Huge Thank You to the Following Sponsors:

Josh Sams and mother Barb

Veteran of the Year Corporal Joshua A Sams with his mother Barb. Being the distinguished gentleman that he is, Josh accepted our award but swiftly honored his mother by passing it down to her as he described the deep love they have for one another and her undying support for him.

Veteran of the Year - Corporal Joshua A Sams

Josh Sams and Zach Hollingsworth
Josh Sams and mother Barb

Grand Prize Raffle Winner!

Freedom Whiskey Co. Veterans Day 2018 Celebration Grand Prize Raffle Winner

Door Prize Raffle Winners

These are a few of many raffle winners. We apologize for not getting pictures of everyone! Also, bourbon cupcakes!

From the bottom of our hearts-- THANK YOU!