The 2019 Veterans Day Event Raised $6,600 for Team Red, White, and Blue

The Freedom Whiskey Co. team put on our 3rd Annual Veterans Day Celebration on 09 NOV 2019 and it was yet another night for ages as we continued our yearly tradition from the 2017 and 2018 Veterans Day Events. Of course, Freedom Whiskey was only responsible for a small portion of the night's events-- our friends, our family, and our patriots and service men and women from near and far all banded together to help pull off a proper celebration for our Veterans that we'll always remember.

As our dear guests streamed into the American Legion Post 165, they quickly took notice to all of the spoils the evening had to offer. A meal fit for kings and queens was once again provided by Heather's Coffee and Cafe. Incredible desserts by the one and only Joy Dessert Co were on hand and lasted a matter of minutes after dinner was had! Three Road Junction jammed perfect tunes for the entirety of the evening and Silent Auction gift packages, raffle prizes, and more were available for bidding.

As we got to the main celebration of the evening, Master Gunnery Sergeant Jim Brady (USMC/Retired) kicked things off with a salute to Freedom as everyone stood for the National Anthem. Aliya Zimmerman did a phenomenal job yet again at playing Taps while we honored those who could no longer be here with us. Finally, we honored Veterans in attendance young and old and gave a special presentation of a custom USN Navy Seabee plaque to our Veteran of the Year, Art Collins, 62nd Battalion, USN Seabees, 1965-1971, Petty Officer 2nd Class

The evening ended with Cincinnati's favorite Skyline Chili serving up their famous chili to all those who stuck around until the final hour! Lord knows we all needed it. A huge thanks to Skyline for their generous donation of food and the 2 young gentlemen who took their Saturday night to serve us all. We salute you!

The best part of it all was every penny of the massive $6,600 raised was reserved for Team Red, White, and Blue and their selfless dedication to Veterans and their communities.

For this, we have you and those in attendance to thank. It wouldn't have even been close to possible without you all and we are forever in debt to you!

A Huge Thank You to the Following Sponsors:

Veteran of The Year 2019 - Art Collins

Veteran of the Year
Art Collins
62nd Battalion, USN Seabees
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Also Pictured:
Freedom Whiskey Co. founder Captain Zach Hollingsworth

Door Prize Raffle Winners, Guests, and More!

Grand Prize Raffle Winner - Kyle Rudduck, Custom Freedom Whiskey Co. RTIC Cooler

$350 NCR Golf Package - The Grissinger Family

$250 Memorial Golf Package - The Grissinger Family

$220 Western and Southern Open Package - Fred Rojas

$160 Freedom Swag Gear Package - We missed your name! If you see this, contact us so we can update!

$140 Signed Freedom Whiskey Bottle Package - Tim Witt

From the bottom of our hearts-- THANK YOU!