Freedom Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Bald Eagle Tears - Freedom Whiskey Cocktails

Bald Eagle Tears

  • 2x Shots of Freedom Bourbon
  • 1x Shot of Disaronno (or equivalent)
  • 2 small splashes of Sprite

One of our favorite cocktails, Bald Eagle Tears is the perfect mix of sweet and savory. This cocktail is fully-loaded, screams Freedom, and should not be taken lightly. Two of these heavy hitters in one evening will have you sprouting wings and taking flight, so please drink responsibly!

Lady Liberty - Freedom Whiskey Cocktails

Lady Liberty

  • 2x Shots of Freedom Bourbon
  • 1x cap of Sweet Vermouth
  • 2 Maraschino Cherries
  • 1 small splash of Cherry Syrup
  • 3 small splashes of Sprite

This cocktail is for all the ladies out there who love just a little bit of bourbon burn as it washes down with plenty of sweet surrounding it. This one tastes like it was poured with love from the Statue of Liberty herself. You thought she was holding a torch to the sky, didn't you? Gentlemen, if you're into this one, don't worry-- we won't hold it against you. Freedom is Freedom after all!

Old Glory - Freedom Whiskey Cocktails

Old Glory

  • 2x Shots of Freedom Bourbon
  • 1 oz Sweet Lime Juice (Rose's preferred)
  • 3 small splashes of Ginger Ale

This one will make your cheeks pucker, we guarantee it! That sweet and smoky bourbon burn goes down the gullet flawlessly with a perfect hint of lime tang and the wonderful sweet flavor of some good ol' fashioned Ginger Ale. This cocktail is the mildest of the bunch, but be careful-- a double shot of Freedom is a double shot of Freedom! Drink responsibly, family!