Corporal Joshua A. Sams

Rank/Name: Corporal Joshua A. Sams

Hometown: Wilmington, Ohio

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Unit: 1/6 Bravo Company, Weapons Platoon, as well as 1/6 H&S Company as a part of the STA Platoon

Service Dates: 2006-2013

Corporal Joshua A. Sams

Josh Sams was born on November 13, 1984 to Peter Sams and Barb Regan. After attending Thomas Moore College for 2 years, where he played football, he decided to join the United States Marine Corps. He Graduated from SOI as a 0351 – Assaultman in 2007 and was Stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. During his time with 1st Battalion, 6th  Marines Corporal Sams earned his way to becoming a Scout Sniper.

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During this time he attended Scout Sniper Basic Course in Quantico, Virginia and Advanced Infantry Assault Leaders Course at Camp Geiger, North Carolina. Corporal Sams participated in some of the roughest fighting seen in the War in Afghanistan to include being in Garmsir in 2008, the huge push into Marjah in February 2014, and operated in Sangin from 2011-12. On January 12th 2012 during Corporal Sams second enlistment and third consecutive deployment to Afghanistan, tragedy struck.

Corporal Sams activated an IED that would take both of his legs, and two of his fingers. After months of hard work, perseverance, and rehabilitation Corporal Joshua Sams made a miraculous recovery. Upon being medically discharged from the Marine Corps, Corporal Joshua Sams finished is degree in criminal justice and got a job at his local Sheriffs department.

Shortly after arriving back in his home town, Corporal Sams was blessed by Homes For Our Troops, and received a wheelchair friendly home which he prides himself in taking wonderful care of. In his spare time Corporal Sams spends his days regularly going to the gym, hunting, fishing, caring for his lawn, speaking at veteran events, participating in races and triathlons, not to mention staying close to good friends.

Corporal Sams currently resides in Wilmington Ohio with his two canine roommates, Clark and Louise.   

HASOF Whiskey Co. has made a $500 donation to the Semper Fi Fund in honor of Corporal Sams.

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  • Josh, I had the opportunity to meet you when I applied to get certified for my concealed carry licence at the Wilmington OH Sheriffs dept. I cannot tell you how emotional I felt when I saw you. I knew that you had to have been a vetran of the United States, but didn’t know how to ask or thank you for your sacrifices for our freedom. I would like to tell you now how sorry you had to sacrifice so much for our country, but Thank you so very much for God blessing us with you and your family’s journey for the United States. God Bless!

    Lou Ann Horn on
  • Thank you for your service to our country and your community. From 1 disabled veteran to another… " Never Forget!. God Bless You and your families

    Sgt Joey P. Pennine on
  • My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and rock climbing with Josh and his girlfriend this past weekend. Not only is Josh an American hero, a ridiculously strong dude but he is a damn nice guy too! He was an inspiration to everyone that watched him fearlessly go at those walls. I’m glad to have had a chance to meet this young man!

    Darin & Brenda on
  • I am Your Brother now, and forever… SEMPER FI !!

    Robert Walls, USMC Retired on
  • Thank you for the sacrifices you have made brother Sampler Fi.

    Vince Baker on

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