2022 Veterans Day Event Information

First and foremost, we sincerely thank the hundreds of people and sponsors that have gotten involved so far. Sponsorship opportunities are now closed and we will have a select few tickets available at the door on the night of the event, but if you do not want to risk missing out, we strongly recommend you grab a ticket online before November 18th or so when we'll inevitably have to cut off sales in order to accurately report numbers for catering and the bar.

What does my ticket come with?

Every ticket comes with 3 drink tickets, a single door prize stub, and full access to wonderful catering from Heather's Cafe once dinner is served. The bar is CASH ONLY if you want more drinks after running out of your 3 drink tickets. Beyond that, you'll get to enjoy an evening full of ceremonies that honor our Veterans and specifically our Veteran of the Year CMSgt Ray Snedegar, among some other patriotic celebrations. Three Road Junction will be entertaining us with music all night long as well! Finally, Skyline Chili will show up around 9:30-10:00pm and serve around 100-150 conies or so on a first come first serve basis. When they run out, they're gone!

Bring Some Cash!

You will want to have some cash on you-- trust us. We're not trying to twist your arm into spending more money at the event, but honestly there are some absolutely awesome raffle, silent auction, and live auction prizes available. The bar is CASH ONLY, so once you use your 3 drink tickets, you'll need cash for more drinks. There are ATMs on site. Raffle tickets are much easier to buy in cash, but there will also be a credit card reader at the Freedom merchandise table where you can buy them as well. Freedom merchandise for sale is cash or credit.

Entry and Parking Information:

When you arrive, there will be a specific door to enter straight into the event space and there will be signs outside directing you there. If you happen to miss that and walk in the front door, that's perfectly fine. The Moose Lodge is members access only but there will be a bell to ring and someone from the Lodge will guide you in the right direction.

There is no physical ticket-- we just have your names on a list. Once you get to the event, the folks handling entry will check the name you provide off their list and provide you with a program for the evening. The program will have a 3 drink tickets and a door prize stub attached, so make sure you get entered in to the drawings and enjoy some beverages on us! If you have others from your party arriving separately, make sure they know to use the ticket buyers name to get in as that's the only name on the list that we have.

Address: Miamisburg Moose Lodge 1645 - 2110 E Central Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342
For parking and entry, please reference the image below. There is parking all along the side and behind the Moose Lodge.

As you can hopefully see, the parking lot is the entire area highlighted in green, and the entry point to the event is the red circle. Please note that the entry point is not the main entrance to the Moose Lodge. It is the next door down to the right as you are facing the front of the building. There should be signs and very obvious activity of folks entering into the event through this door.

We have been promised that there will be enough room for parking, but we urge you to carpool as much as possible. If you cannot find parking, there are neighborhoods across the street (north of the building) that you are able to use for street parking. Hopefully it does not come to that! But the option is there if so.

What to Bring:

Yourself and your loved ones, of course! But beyond that, we will have a pinup board to post pictures of your Veterans if you would like to bring any (please don't forget to take them with you as you leave!) We strongly encourage you to bring cash if you'd like to participate in any raffles or silent auctions or buy any Freedom merchandise, however there will be some options to pay with credit card or get cash out from the on-site ATM if need be. Raffle tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20 and we have some absolutely amazing prizes from a wide range of different businesses. Freedom merchandise ranges anywhere from $2 for a koozie to $25 for a shirt or flask with some other options like stickers, shot glasses, and whiskey glasses!

Did we miss anything?

We'll send out another update with some reminders a few days before the event, but don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions at all.